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  • Disconnect power cord and antenna from the transceiver.

  • Remove the top and bottom covers.

  • Remove the top screw from each side of the front panel assembly.

  • Loosen the bottom screw from each side of the front panel assembly.
  • Carefully rotate the front panel forward to gain access to the control board(X53-3910-11). This board is mounted vertically against the body of the transceiver. It is not the board that is mounted in the front panel assembly.

  • Locate and remove resistor R53 from the control board.

  • Assemble the transceiver then perform the CPU reset procedure by holding the A=B button in while turning on the power.

Transmit Range: 1.705-30MHz, 49-54MHz, 142-152MHz, 420-450MHz, 1240-1300MHz.

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