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ZL3SV Antennas





Above - This is the centre feed point of the ( Over 2000 feet ) 640 metre centre feed sloper antenna.


SLOPPER ANTENNA SPECS - 160 metres to 6 metres- SWR less than 1.6:1 - 32 wavelengths on 20M - 640 metres long ( 2099 feet) - Centre feed
- two spans 320m long - 10mm dia wire
- 600 ohm feeder line - wire spaced 450mm.
The antenna wire is Aluminum with a high tensile steel core. Its
used power line cable. .

The Balin is 12:1 ratio .3 to 60mhz - 50 ohm unbalanced to 600 ohm balanced .


The new Lexus Hybrid 4WD SUV above has HF, VHF and UHF capablility with no visible antennas. See the article on how I did it.


Diamond Screwdriver Antenna 80 - 6 Meters.
on my other Lexus 4WD SUV

I use Anan 100 watt SDR, Kenwood, Yaesu and ICOM transceivers

I also have a half wave 160 - 10m slopper Antenna with reflectors for 80, 40, 15 Metres but it is often 3 - 4 S points below the 640 metre sloper.


Info on New Govt Business - Investment immigration rules



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I have no printed QSL cards but you are welcome to print a card from my email reply.



You can email me at -


Stay healthy Fight Cancer


Cancer article ......... License

Nelson is at the top of the South Island of New Zealand - Nelson is marked top left




HAM Links and info

Manuals - Anan 100 watt SDR, Flex 3000, TS2000, TS480, Icom7000, VX5, VX7, TMD710 , THD72, FT817, FT7900, F&P motor Samoa Ham license form - GW cert

- Hitachi digger manual - ZX50-2 Digger - wiring - photos - Great for maintaining the driveway & erecting antennas

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Kenwood SKY command

Kenwood TS2000 Service Manual

TMD 710 manual











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