The NZART website lists net Frequencies and a few hams think this gives them exclusive use of the frequencies even when there is a QSO already on the frequency.

The NZART site needs to include the statement - / + existing traffic / QSOs.

An existing QSO is NOT QRM. You are QRM if you talk over the top of them

A number of times people like ZL2MA go over the top of existing QSOs then accuse the first users of the frequency of interference and or splatter. This law breaking does nothing good for the hobby. NZART needs to set a good example and smarten up their act and image by clearly stating on their website you cannot take over an existing freq unless invited to by existing users. The WIA broadcasts do the same thing and come on over existing QSOs.

Errors The NZART Counties page for the South Island list Golden Bay and Waimea as Counties. This is not true as they were merged to be Nelson and Tasman back in the late 1980s.

Some in NZART still say on air and confuse some of the new hams and overseas stations that there are still ZL1,2,3 & 4 districts. The Govt removed these regions in 1980 so anyone can have a ZL1,2,3, & 4 anywhere in NZ. The districts no longer exist and some hams dont seem to be able to get over it and keep misleading others. They struggle to keep up with the times.



Going after Awards is one of the many pursuits of Amateurs. Awards are the result of pursuing some radio activity, usually involving making a number of contacts of a particular type. The award may be in the form of a certificate, plaque or trophy.

There are many Awards operated within New Zealand and around the world. For current details see the Current Call Book, or current issues of Amateur Radio Magazines, such as Break-In.

Many awards require membership of NZART or a sister national society. Most awards have a small cost toward the presentation that you get at the end of it.

Awards are a fun way of contacting new and different people in a more relaxed and informal manner than a contest.

Awards Net is a good place to start or listen in to

You can join the Awards Net on 3.677 MHz (80 Meter Band) every night from 0800 UTC (8 pm NZST (New Zealand Standard Time) or 9 pm NZDT (New Zealand Daylight Saving Time)).

And you can also see the Awards Column in Break-In or contact the NZART Awards Manager for more details.

For more Awards information contact the NZART Awards Manager via email at:

The NZART Counties web site page needs to include the statement - / + existing traffic / QSOs.

An existing QSO is NOT QRM. You are QRM if you talk over the top of them